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  日期:2012-05-20 08:41:30
  We all have to pay the bills, but sometimes the office is literally the last place in the universe you want to be. The reasons can run the gamut. Employees can sometimes be led to creative extremes to find a way to take a day off。 我们生活需要用钱
  日期:2012-05-20 08:31:22
  这个伦敦男孩在视频里一口气模仿了24种不同国家地区的英语口音其实这是不是和讲相声的可以模仿全国各地不同方言一样呢?于是请大家淡定,咱中国的方言加起来肯定比英语的口音要多得多! 首先,在听各种口音之前,大家很可能已经被这孩子的英式口音弄晕了,来看看他一上
  日期:2012-05-10 10:32:39
  A: What do you think is the problem between the English and the Americans? B: That's a very interesting question, because both nationalities share a common language and are usually on the same side in war-time, yet they rarely speak well of one anot
  日期:2012-05-03 19:03:33
  THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Good evening, everybody. Good evening. I could not be more thrilled to be here tonight --at the White House Correspondents Dinner. This is great crowd. Theyre already laughing. Its terrific。 Chuck Todd -- love you, brother
  日期:2012-04-22 17:12:15
  视频一开始这位男生就闹了个笑话,pants在英国指的可是短裤哦!男生其实是想称赞女生的trousers很漂亮。难道这就是传说中的词汇量不同就不能在一起?! 美国的crisp到了英国变chips,英国的chips到了美国变成了french fries!英国的fizzy drink到美国就变成了soda你被
  日期:2012-02-05 11:20:10
  What You Email Address Says About You Heres what your e-mail address says about your computer skills: Own domain (e.g., @joesmith.com): Youre skilled and capable (能干的) . @gmail.com :When the Internet stops working, you actually try rebooting (重
  日期:2011-10-02 23:22:26
  The 2011 Ig Nobel winners, awarded Thursday at Harvard University by the Annals of Improbable Research magazine: 本周四,由科学幽默杂志《不可思议研究年报》主办的2011搞笑诺贝尔奖于哈佛大学公布。 以下是获奖名单: PHYSIOLOGY: Anna Wilkinson, Natalie Se
  日期:2011-01-03 19:49:36
  2010年就要过去了,一起来回顾一下一年中最离奇、最荒诞、最精彩的新闻吧。 Some weird, wild and wonderful stories coloured the news in 2010: 爱情专座。 哥本哈根一家公交公司在103辆公交车上为寻找知心爱人的单身人士开设了爱情专座。这家英国所有的阿里纳公交公
夏日保持凉爽的20种方法 20 Cheap Ways to Stay Cool
  日期:2010-07-03 15:51:33
  Trying to keep your air conditioning bill down? Here are 20 ways to stay cool without touching the thermostat: Wear less clothing Wear breatheable, natural fabrics like cotton, silk and linen Wear light-colored clothing Remove your hat and shoes whe
你需要知道的趣味事实 Interesting Facts
  日期:2010-05-28 22:41:49
  Interesting Facts Did you Know? 1. 10% of the world's population speak English as their mother tongue (Chinese 21%, Spanish 6%, Russian 6%, Malay 4%, Hindi 4%, Japanese 3%, Arabic 3%, Portuguese 3%, French 2%, German 2%) 2. Rains of many kinds of li
  日期:2010-03-29 03:17:28
  贴在公司的打印机上,在一旁偷看你的同事对着打印机说话,而打印机没有任何反应 :)
  日期:2010-01-02 11:54:39
  为避免过早看到答案,请向下拉动网页查看答案。 1. Create two words using the following ten letters each once only. 用下面的10个字母拼出两个单词,每个字母只能用一次。 MYSEVODLTA 2. What number should replace the question mark? 问号处应该填什么数字? 3.
  日期:2009-01-18 20:43:36
  1、we two who and who ? 咱俩谁跟谁阿 2、how are you ? how old are you? 怎么是你,怎么老是你? 3、you dont bird me,I dont bird you 你不鸟我,我也不鸟你 4、you have seed I will give you some color to see see,brothers
  日期:2008-12-17 10:41:02
  英语中对女性的称呼可谓丰富,且谐趣十足。这些称呼多用于口语,表现出称呼者对被称呼者的态度、情感以及彼此之间的微妙或显而易见的关系。 1、old hen老婆子 俗语,男性用语,专用于中年以上的女性。除开玩笑的场合外,女性不太欢迎这一称谓。因为old hen的字面意思是
  日期:2008-12-17 10:04:50
  对联是一种独特的文学艺术形式,讲究对仗、平仄,历来属于中文。但凡事总有例外,随着中西方文化的相互交流增多,对联也出现了中西合璧的现象。 一位数学教师英年早逝后,教英语的妻子写的一副挽联: 为X、Y、Z送了君命; 教w、F、S依靠何人? 上联巧用代数中常用的符号,突出
  日期:2008-11-20 10:14:27
  国名竟可以如此浪漫之 1、C.h.i.n.a.中国 come here.i need affection.来这,我需要爱
  日期:2008-10-15 09:23:56
  15招识破骗子 Quite often a person feels the need to lie about something - if you are the person being lied to, there are a few simple tips for catching the liar out. This is a list of the top 15 tips. 有些时候,人会觉得需要撒谎--如果你是被骗的那方,
最经典搞笑的电话留言提示语(英文)Best Answering Machine Messages
  日期:2008-08-19 17:49:41
  1. A is for academics, B is for beer. One of those reasons is why were not here, so leave a message. 2. Please leave a message. However, you have the right to remain silent. Everything you say will be recorded and will be used by us. 3. Hi. I am pro
  日期:2008-04-25 10:12:28
  别有一番情趣:看看用英语怎么样写对联 对联是一种独特的文学艺术形式,讲究对仗、平仄,历来属于中文。但凡事总有例外,随着中西方文化的相互交流增多,对联也出现了中西合璧的现象。例如1936年,鲁迅先生逝世,郭沫若就写过这样一副挽联:平生功业尤拉化;旷世文章属阿Q。(提
[异域风景线] 英语表达滥用标点?法国人要拯救“分号”
  日期:2008-04-06 23:34:52
  一向以高雅自称的法国人发现,英语表达严重滥用标点符号,无论作家还是媒体都想方设法地简化语言表达,不规范使用标点,而诸如分号这样本来就不常使用的标点,在当前的语言表达中已近乎绝迹。为此,法国人近来掀起了一场拯救分号的行动。 4月1日愚人节这天,一些支持分
愚人节精选英文短信 April fools day SMS / text messages
  日期:2008-04-01 10:44:38
  看看西方人怎么用短信整人 :) How dare they fool you If today any 1 talks praises u 4 ur 1) gud looks 2 ) nature 3 ) style 4 ) attitude, kick them off. How dare they fool u before april 1st. ------------------------------------- 99/100 idiots would tr
[节日与历史] 你要小心:April Fool's Day 愚人节
  日期:2008-03-26 10:58:46
  April Fool's Day 愚人节 1st April is a day to be careful, or you could easily get tricked by someone. Its April Fools Day, a day when people traditionally like to try to make a fool of someone else and laugh at them. There are lots of theories surro
  日期:2007-12-13 10:23:21
[英语笑话] 令人爆笑的童言无忌经典笑话
  日期:2007-11-30 09:41:49
[时尚口语] 10句对你不客气的英语口语
  日期:2007-09-29 09:30:13
  日期:2007-09-12 10:22:54
  收录B-BOY动作及其它相关名词独家中文解释.这个记号 (*) 将标示出动作的困难度。 五个(*)是最高难度的,一个(*)则是最简单的。 B-BOY Breaking boy,boogie boy, 只要是跳 break 的都叫 b-boy . CREW B-boy 的团体。 BATTLE 个人或 b-boy 团体间的挑战 ( 俗称尬舞 ) . BU
[文化杂谈] 怎样起个好的英文名字
  日期:2007-09-12 12:22:45
  随着全球化进程的深化,英文名对每个人,尤其是年轻人,变得越来越重要。但是,很多人并不知道如何起英文名,往往胡乱起,结果产生很多问题。 问题1、所起英文名太常见 第一种问题是起的英文名太常见,如:Henry, Jane, John, Mary. 这就像外国人起名叫赵志伟、王小刚
[文学艺术] “十大”经典店铺口号
  日期:2007-09-28 13:23:42
  1.Outside a muffler shop: No appointment necessary, we hear you coming. 一家消声器店外:根本不用预约,我们听到你来了! 2.Outside a hotel: Help! We need inn-experienced people. 酒店门外:帮帮忙!我们缺少常住小酒馆的人。 3.On a desk in a reception roo
  日期:2007-09-10 10:22:38
  某个老外说到他觉得中国人(特别是香港和台湾人)在取英文名字时有一种现象,这是几个外国朋友发现的 叫 michael的通常都很自负觉得自己受到众人欢迎,有点花痴 叫 gary的通常都很弱智 常做白痴的事情 叫 jessica的通常都很精明算的很精讲话永远都有官方说法 叫 ruby 的也
  日期:2007-10-16 10:22:22
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